About Me

I am an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Florida Atlantic University. I completed my doctorate in Sociology at Indiana University, where I also obtained an MS in Applied Statistics. My research interests include social networks, aging, disability, mental health, culture, and quantitative methods.

I previously presented my research on social networks and cognitive impairment among older adults at the 2018 Duke Social Networks & Health Workshop. A video of that presentation is available on YouTube, and embedded below. My work has been published in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior, the Journal of Rural Health, Advances in Medical Sociology, Network Science, and community health journals. You can read more about my current research here.

I am currently a member of the FAU I-HEALTH Human Health and Dementia Research Focus Group as well as the FAU Biostatistics Collaborative Core.

Recent News

  • Upcoming conferences: I will (virtually) attend ASA 2021 and the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management this August. Please see the online programs for up-to-date details.

  • Past presentations: I presented research on caregiver education and cognitive impairment among older adults with Alzheimer's disease at PAA 2019 in Austin, TX. That poster is available on Twitter. I also presented at Sunbelt 2019 in Montreal; you can see my poster about social networks and disability on Twitter.

  • Impostorism paper: Our article, "Fear of Fraudulence: Graduate School Program Environments and the Impostor Phenomenon," is now available in The Sociological Quarterly. The published version is here (paywall), and a pre-publication version is here.