About Me

I am an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Florida Atlantic University. I completed my doctorate in Sociology at Indiana University, where I also obtained an MS in Applied Statistics. My research interests include social networks, aging, disability, mental health, culture, and quantitative methods.

I previously presented my research on social networks and cognitive impairment among older adults at the Duke Social Networks & Health Workshop. A video of that presentation is available on YouTube, and embedded below. My work has been published in Alzheimer's & Dementia, The Gerontologist, Journal of Health and Social Behavior, Sociology of Health and Illness, Network Science, and other journals. You can read more about my current research here.

I am a member of the FAU I-HEALTH Human Health and Dementia Research Focus Group as well as the FAU Biostatistics Collaborative Core.


  • Social Networks and Dementia paper: Our paper, "Social Networks and Cognitive Function: An Evaluation of Social Bridging and Bonding Mechanisms" is now available in The Gerontologist. The published version is here.

  • Impostorism paper: Our article, "Fear of Fraudulence: Graduate School Program Environments and the Impostor Phenomenon," is now available in The Sociological Quarterly. The published version is here (paywall), and a pre-publication version is here.

  • Recent presentations: My research related to social networks and cognitive impairment was presented (virtually) at ASA 2021 and Networks 2021. Additional research on the evolving role of Nurse Practitioners during the COVID-19 pandemic won a Best Paper award at the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management this August. Please see the online programs or my CV for all details.